Outdoor Adventure

Victoria County is often considered Cape Breton Island’s Outdoor Centre for Adventure.  It excells in all 4 seasons. It is home to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and seven provincial day parks

Hiking – Some of the best coastal hiking trails in Nova Scotia are located here and in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.   Hikers across North America and Europe visit this area for hiking and attend annually the Hike the Highlands Festival in September.

Hiking Tours
a)  Mountain Pine Adventures – Gourmet Adventure Tours
b)  Cabot Trail Adventures – Half and Full Day Guided Tours
c) Cape Breton Highlands National Park –  Weekly activities

–  One of Canada’s top adventures is to cycle the Cabot Trail – 300 kms over 6 mountains. A guide has been developed to help you plan and enjoy this unique adventure. There are many more scenic cycling routes for you to enjoy while visiting Victoria County

Pedallers by the Bay –  Bike Tours and Rentals, Baddeck

Mountain Biking

Sea Kayaking – Four outdoor companies provide some amazing scenery and coves to explore on Bras d’or  Lakes,  St. Ann’s Bay, South Harbour and  the Atlantic Ocean with Cape Breton Highlands in the background.
North River Kayaks
Cabot Trail Adventures –  kayaking, cycling and hiking
Paddledog Sea Kayaking Tours

Whale watching
The Oshan – Bay St. Lawrence
Dixon’s Zodiac Seafari – Neil’ s Harbour
Keltic Express Zodiac Adventures – Ingonish
Ingonish Whalewatching Tours – Ingonish Beach

Sailing and Boat Tours  – Explore the Bras d’Or Lakes and  Bird Islands
Ameoba Sailboat Tours – Baddeck
Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tours – Englishtown
Bird Island Boat Tours – Big Bras d’Or
Cape Breton Lobster Adventure Tours – Baddeck

ZipLineMountain Pine Adventures, South Harbour

a) Cross country skiing
1) North Highlands Nordic, Cape North,  12 km trails – groomed and track set for classic and skating, rentals, snowshoeing,
2) Ski Tuonela – Goose Cove,  Cross Country (18 kms) and Telemark

b) Downhill Skiing – Ski Cape Smokey

c) Skating – Public skating at Victoria Highland Civic Centre, Baddeck. 
    Outdoor rinks –  1) Public skating at Neil’s Harbour/New Haven outdoor rink, 2) Ingonish Outdoor Rink,
    3 )Northern Victoria Community Centre, 4) Rankin School of the Narrows Outdoor Rink

d) Snowshoeing
1) Lots of trails to explore at Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
2) Snowshoeing events throught the County – IOna, Washabuck, North Shore,

For more information visited the 

e)  Snowmobiling – An incredible trail system in the Highlands, dependable snow conditions, makes this County a paradise for Snowmobilers
Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club